Tau Sa Piah Stamp


Tau Sa Piah, also known as the mung bean biscuit, is a pastry filled with grounded mung beans with a flaky outer crust.

It's an old school taste that is familiar to most Singaporeans and a local's favourite. Some stalls stamp their brand's label onto the biscuit and for this Drool Stamps' version, the word "平安", which means "peace" is incorporated into the design.

Assemble your own tau sa piah with this fun stamp set and grow an appreciation for this local delicacy.

- Carved with love on carving rubber
- Mounted on wooden handle
- Measures approx 3x3 cm for the biscuit stamp (actual rubber is not in exact dimension) and 2cm for the red label stamp
- As they are hand-carved, no one stamp is exactly the same, photo is for illustration purpose