Fruity Sloth Stamp Set


Our newest product- this Fruity Sloth Stamp Set is a fun, mix-and-match set that is suitable for all ages!

Print this on your gift packaging, greeting cards, journal or gift tags- the fun possibilities are endless! Tips on printing this set: First, choose the strawberry or orange to stamp first and the next step will be to stamp the sloth face into the little hole. Tada! You will see your little sloth with an endearing fruit head-gear!

Information about this product:
- Each set comes in a set of 3 stamps- strawberry, orange and a sloth face
- Strawberry and orange stamps are approx 2cm wide
- Rubber stamps do not come with wooden handles for this set (However, do be assured that the carving rubber used will be thick enough for grip)
- Ink pads are not included in this set