Dapao Kopi Teh (Takeaway Coffee Tea)

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The Singaporean way of takeaway kopi (coffee) or teh (tea) is our favourite way to drink our freshly brewed beverage! Poured into a bag and ready to go.

Have fun "pouring" your drink into the bag with this 2 stamps set. Change up the colour of your drink depending on your coffee or tea mood.

- Carved with love on carving rubber
- Mounted on wooden handle
- Measures approx 4x4cm and 2x2cm (actual rubber is not in exact dimension)
- As they are hand-carved, no one stamp is exactly the same, photo is for illustration purpose
- Difference between A series and B series will be the wooden handles used (refer to the images)

How to print the drink stamp inside the bag:
- Refer to the last image as reference
- Print the bag stamp first
- Place the left side/right side of the drink stamp in alignment to the outline of the bag and print