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About Me

Drool Stamps is an online atelier founded by Rachel Ma providing hand designed and customizable rubber stamps. She hopes to provide an outlet for people to find thoughtful, personalized rubber stamps with a handmade touch. Being largely inspired by nature and mundanity of everyday life, Drool Stamps' stationery revolves around these themes. Through offering therapeutic workshops, Drool Stamps wish to cater to the busy, creative and curious souls.

Each stamp is carefully made and packed for the best quality, delivering the warmth of handmade from one pair to another. We also value our relationships with everyone who drops by to shop, learn and simply say hello! 

More about the artist and maker:

Hello! I'm Rachel, a stamp artist and workshop instructor.

I have been doodling since my earliest memory and was trained in 2D design majoring in illustration. My passions for both illustration and the physicality of handcraft collided when I discovered the world of stamp-making. Also a huge foodie who is guilty of drawing too much food.

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Customize your one-of-a-kind rubber stamp with us!

We provide tailor made, hand-carved and quality rubber stamps. Be it for yourself or for your friends, this is a meaningful gift that is both memorable and functional.

You can email us your own designs for us to make into stamps or we can do the design for you!

How it works:

1) quotation

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- If you have a design that you want to use:
Email the design to me at for price quotation.
Please note that I won't be able to process designs taken from third party without permissions (eg. google image from unknown source)

- If you don't have a design that you want to use:
Send me your custom request at with details like the design you are looking for, how you want to use it and stamp size.

For simple designs (with simple lines), price range will be $25 to $35

For intricate designs (complex lines, small intricate words), price range will be above $35 to $65. 

2) Payment

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If you would like to proceed after receiving the quotation, you may make your full payment. (Payment details will be given once order is confirmed)

3) draft making and confirmation

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- If you have a design that you want to use: this step does not apply.

- If you don't have a design that you want to use: 
I will draft out the design based on your requirements stated earlier and send it to you for confirmation. Any changes to your request (eg. adding more intricate lines, etc) will require additional charges.  

P.S. No more than 2 revisions will be provided in the process of confirming the final design.

4) making of stamp

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Once the design is confirmed, I will proceed to carve the stamp. This can take 3-7 days to complete. If you need it ASAP, please discuss with me in advance so I can help to accommodate as much as I can. :)

5) Delivery

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Delivery is typically through Singpost's AM mail which comes with a tracking number. (Normal mail is not an available option as no replacement or refund will be provided for lost mails.)

To mention a few types..

  • Wedding stamp (For reception, favor bags, invitations, etc)
  • Logo Stamp (For paper bags, paper cups, packaging, etc)
  • Birthday Stamp
  • Pet stamp
  • Namecard stamp
  • Mugshot stamp 
  • Wordings... and many more!

Check out our listings for customizations in our Shop!

For enquiries on other customizations, drop us a message via the form at our Contact page or email us at

Some of our Customers include:

The Freshman (ζ’η­η”Ÿ)
Airbnb Singapore
The People's Avenue
Aggy & Co.
My Sister Bakes
Little Yarn Friends



We offer services such as:

  • On-site carving
  • Stamping activities 
  • Corporate workshops (refer to Workshops)

Past events:

  • On-site carving for Mimento Jewelry Store (VIP event)
  • Carving demonstration for Channel 8 Kids Program (Super Family)


corporate workshop β€’team bonding β€’ small group
Hens party β€’ School Workshop

Other than the traditional mediums, we provide an alternative option for a meaningful, therapeutic and fun workshop session. Participants get to experience making their own rubber stamps and prints. Each workshop will be crafted to suit the needs of the participants and nature of event. We hope to encourage exploration and inspire creativity, which is not only needed in the sphere of artistic pursuit but everything we hope to create and improve.

Upcoming Workshop:

 31 March 2018 - Click on image to sign up!

31 March 2018 - Click on image to sign up!


For workshop bookings/collaborations, please drop us a message at the Contact page or email us at:


The Arts Faculty
National Library Board
National Museum of Singapore
DBS Marina Regatta 2016
Sengkang Methodist Church
Commonwealth Secondary School
Methodist Girls' School

What our friends say:

"Rachel is very detailed and was always there to guide us whenever we were faced with any difficulties during the workshop. Her workshop was really comprehensive; it covers all the materials/tools and different techniques for beginners. She is very friendly and willing to share her knowledge with us about stamp carving. It was definitely time well spent!" - Soh Huixin
"My friends and I decided to book a workshop with Drool Stamps for a friends hens party. We didn't know what to expect but it turned out pretty fun. Rachel was super inviting and warm to us and brought us through the creative process with much excitement and encouragement. She even prepared name place cards for each of us which was a nice touch. It was lovely to bring back our own creations the day itself. Another friend even used her creations for her own wedding after. So if you are considering a good session of mixing craft with conversations and fun, think Drool Stamps." - Vania Tan
"Both of us went in to this session not knowing what to expect. We were taken by surprise at how much we learnt and enjoyable it was! Rachel is an encouraging and patient teacher through the whole session. We managed to follow her instructions and was even inspired to make our own stamps at the end! I would definitely recommend her craft class to anyone interested. It was beginner friendly as well!
- Ethel and Yang Yang

"I really enjoyed Rachel's stamp-making classes that I attended twice! Rachel provided us with all the materials that we needed to practise on the spot. She is very patient and detailed in her guidance and demonstration. Even a guide material was given to the participants so that we can refer to anytime. Her sessions are fun and also a good way to interact with other participants who share similar interests." -Joyce